RBI's 300mm Spary GUN

300mm Spary GUN
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300mm Spary GUN

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Agriculture Parts

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Main Body :- Brass,SS304
Spindle:- Brass,SS304
Plastics :- ABS
Rod:- SS304

Max. Operating pressure. 50 bar(725 psi)
Weight: 61.610.110 275g (9.5 oz.) – 61.610.20 250g (8.8 oz.)
Material: brass – PA6 – Buna N – alumina

For agriculture use on vineyard and orchard sprayers. Spray pattern adjustment through winged nut rotation. With the “TURBO” protection allows an excellent micronization and the complete and even foliage coverage. The spray tip can be easily cleaned and replaced without tools. Fast nozzle orientation with adjustable connection.

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